Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

All of our crews use eco friendly cleaning products for residential power washing and commercial power washing services. We also have invested in water re-claiming equipment, and we follow EPA guidelines to the letter, so none of our runoff ends up in our storm drains, lakes, rivers, streams, or the water table. We properly treat and/or dispose of our cleaning water, and use water and oil separation services. We make sure that when we clean, we're not just pressure washing the bad stuff away to be someone else's problem. We specialize in green home cleaning. Find out more about what we clean.

Hazmat Pressure Washing Services

If you have a "Hazmat" cleanup situation, please contact us immediately, if your project is outside of our expertise, we can recommend someone who can help you.

If you need power washing in Grand Rapids, MI, in order to clean, sanitize, and prep for construction, and you appreciate how important it is to keep the environment clean as well, then contact the pros at Pristine Mobile Wash for a free quote today!