What is power washing?

Power washing, or pressure washing is cleaning, using controlled high pressure water spray. The pressurized water is created with specially designed pumps, and is extremely powerful. Power washing can be used on cement to remove mold, gum, oil, and other dirt stains. Treated lumber decks can be restored to looking almost new. House siding can be cleaned, removing pollution, mildew, and other grime.

Why shouldn't I just buy or rent a pressure washer and do it myself?

There are a few reasons... Professional level pressure washing equipment will have a much higher pressure output. Professionals have the knowledge, training, experience and know how. to use the equipment properly, so there is no damage to your property. (Or yourself. A professional-quality pressure washer is powerful enough to actually cut a 2x4 into pieces). Without experience, a DIY'er can easily cause damage or injury. With that said, hiring a pro will most certainly save you time and money in the long run, and give you better results.

Why should I use Pristine Mobile Wash?

We are family owned and operated with 10+ years of experience. We're passionate about our work, and it shows. We are fully insured, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers!

Do you need me to be at home when you're working on my property?

No. We understand that you're just as busy as we are. All we ask, is that you close all of your windows, and clear your driveway or deck, and please put away anything that is breakable or delicate.

Is pressure washing safe for my home exterior?

Most house siding materials are safe for pressure washing. If you have siding other than what is listed, please inquire.

What parts of my house can be power washed?

Power washing is an effective way to clean many areas of your home, including:

How are your charges figured?

Our charges depend on a number of factors, including size of home and siding type, the condition of your home, the amount of time required, and other variable factors.

Can you power wash my gutter?

Over time, your gutters will fill with leaves, twigs, blown trash, tiny stones from shingles, and dirt. This causes your gutters to work improperly. Water will not be directed away from your home properly. This can cause roof, soffit and fascia damage, mold, leaks, splashing, and other damage.

Is power washing safe for plants and pets?

Yes, we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions, they will not hurt plants, animals or cause harm to your family.

Can you power wash composite woods?

Yes! We use a special nozzle with less pressure. This requires a highly experienced technician and the right cleaning solution.

Will pressure washing damage my treated lumber deck?

Your deck can be easily harmed with a pressure washer, when used improperly. However, a pressure washer is an efficient and effective tool for removing old stains, sealants, and the weathered aged surface from your deck, and exposing the natural wood color. Our experienced operators won't cause any harm to your wood. Damaged wood and "spray marks" are main reasons why renting power washing equipment and doing this on your own is not recommended. Your finished result, and the time and headaches you avoid by hiring a professional will be well worth the money!

What are those black streaks on my roof?

Those black marks are roof algae. They usually appear first on north slopes of your roof where moisture is more apt to accumulate. Roof algae can leave black streaks. Pristine Mobil Wash technicians use a soft soap conditioner wash, which loosens the algae, so we're able to use a gentler spray that won't damage shingles.

Will pressure washing blast the paint off my house?

Pressure washing doesn't remove paint if the paint isn't peeling. If the paint is peeling, some paint probably will come off.

I received a coupon from one of your competitors, offering very low prices, are your prices higher?

Our pricing is very competitive. Companies that offer extremely low prices usually cut costs by using cold water, cleaning solutions that are not industry approved, and many times they are not insured.

Is an onsite water source needed?

An onsite water source is not necessary, but it saves you money. If we tote in the water we do charge a nominal fee.

What are some benefits of pressure washing?

A few benefits of pressure washing are: elimination of mold & mildew, improved curb appeal, clean surfaces are less slippery, and the most important benefit is: your property will last longer and be worth more.

Do you require a deposit before any work is performed?

We don't require a deposit for house washing or jobs that only take a day. However, payment is due upon completion. You may pay by check to our crew leader, make an payment online, or call our office and pay with a credit card. If getting a "strip, stain and seal" job, or any job that takes longer than one day, a 50% deposit is due upon cleaning, with the remainder due after your job has been completed.