Parking Lots & Walkways

Keeping your walkways and parking lots clean does a lot more than just maintain your property, it says you care about your customers, it protects your "brand", and it builds your image. Show your pride and create a good first impression, with parking lot washing services by Pristine Mobile Wash. We're happy to do the dirty work after hours so your customers are always welcomed like royalty... and you take all the credit!

Pristine Mobile Wash commercial power washing specializes in cleaning building exteriors, we can pressure wash your store front, brickwork, metal work, concrete surfaces, and outdoor sculpture, we even do windows. We can clean just about anything that gets dirty. We want to keep the environment clean and healthy too, all of our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, and we don't let parking lot oil or salt go down the storm drains.

A Clean and Debris-Free Parking Lot Says You Care About Your Customers

If you're located in Grand Rapids, MI, find out how economical it is for parking lot power washing by Pristine Mobile Wash... call us today: 616-329-2988. Or go to our request a quote page.