Repair Services

Power Washing Repair Services Grand Rapids, MI

Pressure washing treated lumber, log cabins, and other wood structures can be tricky. The wrong equipment, and/or lack of experience can lead to unsightly spray-marks. Our experts are equipped with the latest and greatest equipment and training, and routinely and successfully clean: decks, log cabins, docks, barns, historical buildings, repurposed buildings, sign structures, wooden exterior trim, and wood lap siding. Our pressure washer repair services can improve the look of most outdoor wooden structures. Find out more about DIY damage solutions.

We use a powerful, yet controlled power wash with an eco-friendly cleaning agent, that strips away layers of old paint, stain, coatings, and years of bird droppings, and built-up grease and grime. Then, according to your instruction, we can seal and stain to restore the original beauty.

We Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Decks and Wood Structures

Power washer reconditioning deep cleans wood surfaces, exposing the original and natural beauty, and opens up wood pores so stains and finishes penetrate deeply. Your log cabin, fence, or deck restoration will look better than ever! After we finish, you'll find that you have a like new, very durable, and more weather resistant surface.

If you have DIY damage, and you need help from Pristine Mobile Wash deck repair services, or you have an outdoor wooden structure that is suffering from our ruthless Grand Rapids, MI elements, contact us for a quote. Call today: 616-329-2988. Or go to our request a quote page.