Restoration and Reconditioning

Power Washing Restoration Grand Rapids, MI

Most outdoor hard surfaces that are painted, coated, or stained will eventually oxidize, rust, peel, chip, or discolor, from harsh sunlight and exposure to the elements. Pristine Mobile Wash is your power washer restoration specialist. We recondition & restore: decks, log cabins, historical buildings, repurposed buildings, fences, sculptures, sign structures, wooden exterior trim, or painted metal roofs.

We begin with a powerful, yet controlled power wash with an eco-friendly cleaning agent, that strips away layers of old paint, stain, coatings, and years of bird droppings, and built-up grease and grime. Then, depending on the surface: wood, metal, or other... we apply the appropriate surface preparation, then re-stain, prime & re-paint, or re-coat, to restore the original beauty.

Power Washing Reconditioning Grand Rapids, MI

Our process works great for painted metal, and is especially beneficial for wood surfaces. Power washer reconditioning deep cleans your wood surface, exposing the original and natural beauty, and opens up the pores so that stains and finishes penetrate more deeply. Your log cabin, fence, or deck restoration will look great! After our process, you'll find that you have a like new, very durable, and more weather resistant surface.

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