Surfaces We Clean

Multiple factors, including size, height, time constraints, difficulty of removing stubborn stains, and the use of chemical scrubbing vs. natural cleaners combined with a high power controlled water spray, dictate that the only practical and effective way to clean many surfaces is with a power washer. Pristine Mobile Wash units are equipped with the highest P.S.I. power washers available, the safest eco-friendly cleaners, all necessary safety equipment, and the experience and know-how to safely and carefully clean the following:

Whether you manage a business or run a household, and you're looking for a reliable hard surface cleaning service, turn to the experts at Pristine Mobile Wash for assistance. Hard surfaces that are cleaned properly, look better, last longer, and actually stay cleaner longer. We are headquartered near Grand Rapids, MI, and we service all of West Michigan. Contact Pristine Mobile Wash today, for an extent of clean and peace of mind, that you never knew existed. For a quote, call today: 616-329-2988. Or go to our request a quote page.