Trucks & Trailers

You'll love our Pristine Mobile Wash truck washing service and trailer washing service. Keeping your trucks and trailers clean is a crucial part of keeping them looking shiny and nice, in good working order and a clean truck and trailer resists rust. Our mobile units are quick, convenient, and minimally invasive. We're equipped with the latest power washers and specialty attachments, and we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions with reclamation systems that keep oil and fuel from washing into lakes, streams, or the water table. Find out more about our eco-friendly solutions.

Find Out All of the Benefits of Pristine's Truck Pressure Washing Service

We also offer trailer pressure washing. Clean equipment lasts longer and looks better. To find out more about how Pristine Mobile Wash can save you money, and help keep your trucks and trailers looking shiny and new, call us today: 616-329-2988. Or go to our request a quote page.