Why Us

The leading Grand Rapids, MI Power Washing Service

It's all in the wrist. That's an exaggeration, but not too far from the truth. We use the best pressure washing equipment, which means: extremely high pressure. Enough pressure to cut a 2x4 into pieces. We rely on training, and hundreds of hours of practice and experience to know the proper pressure settings, the correct nozzles to use, at which angle to spray, and how to feather the spray to clean without causing damage. Every surface requires different settings and techniques.

The Pluses and Minuses of DIY Power Washing

Most "handy man" pressure washers are a little less dangerous, which means lower pressure. They work pretty well for smaller jobs, but just don't come close to what our equipment, with a skilled operator can clean. We get calls, quite often, to come and "fix" people's mistakes after they try to do their own power washing. Like nozzle patterns on deck boards, vinyl siding, and cement, and other damage. Another common DIY "oops" that we see fairly often, is water ending up where it's not wanted; soaking home insulation in walls and attics, water that gets past deck flashing and ends up as wet spots on the drywall of finished basement walls and ceilings. We see vinyl siding that is shattered, sometimes trim pieces broken off, ripped window screens, damaged landscape plants and many other things that our technicians know how to avoid.

If You're Unsure of What You're Doing, Call the Pros

We're licensed & insured, we know all the techniques and tricks. We use the best power washers and accessories available. We use 100% environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, as well as state of the art liquid reclamation systems. We follow specific protocols and procedures to uphold all sanitary and safety standards. We wear steel toe boots, safety glasses, and we wear hard hats when required.

Call us for your "one-time-projects" or we can book weekly, monthly, or any other recurring schedule for your Grand Rapids, MI pressure washing needs. We would be honored to be your source for power washing services. Contact us today for a quote. Or call 616-329-2988.