Remember how your deck used to look when it was newly installed or built? If your wood or composite deck is showing its age or looking a little dull, Pristine deck pressure washing can bring it back to life. With our commercial-quality pressure washers and specialty cleaning nozzles, we can wash away unattractive oxidization, leaves, mold, and grime – all without leaving "spray marks" or damaging your wood. If you've had a regretfully unfortunate deck washing experience in the past, don't be embarrassed! It's an unfortunate situation that we frequently see. We can eliminate those "spray marks" and restore your deck's beauty.

Mold and mildew are typically found on the north side of buildings, garages, or homes, and in heavily shaded areas. Moss is usually found on roofs, sidewalks, or heavily shaded areas, as well as the foundations of buildings or homes. It is also often found near sidewalks or mulched landscaping. Grime is a general term and can consist of many things, including bird droppings, dust, dirt, even chewing gum, and can typically be found anywhere. Pristine has the expertise to remove them all!

Protect your investment! The pros at Pristine Mobile Wash will have your deck looking as good as new in no time! 

We Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Decks and Wood Structures

Our process works great for painted metal, and is especially beneficial for wood surfaces. Power washer reconditioning deep cleans your wood surface, exposing the original and natural beauty, and opens up the pores so that stains and finishes penetrate more deeply. Your log cabin, fence, or deck restoration will look great! After our process, you'll find that you have a like new, very durable, and more weather resistant surface.

Pressure washing treated lumber, log cabins, and other wood structures can be tricky. The wrong equipment, and/or lack of experience can lead to unsightly spray-marks or damage. Our experts are equipped with the latest and greatest equipment and training, and routinely and successfully clean: decks, log cabins, docks, barns, historical buildings, repurposed buildings, sign structures, wooden exterior trim, and wood lap siding. Our pressure washer repair services can actually improve the look of most outdoor wooden structures. We even offer DIY damage solutions.


Commercial or residential, we guarantee a spotless exterior.