What is power washing?
Power washing, or pressure washing is cleaning, using controlled high pressure water spray. The pressurized water is created with specially designed pumps and is extremely powerful. Power washing can be used on cement to remove mold, gum, oil, and other dirt stains. Treated lumber decks can be restored to looking almost new. House siding can be cleaned, removing pollution, mildew, and other grime.

Do you need me to be at home when you're working on my property?
No. We understand that you're just as busy as we are. All we ask is that you close your windows, clear your driveway or deck, and please put away anything that is breakable or delicate.

How are your charges figured?
Our charges depend on a number of factors, including size of home and siding type, the condition of your home, the amount of time required, and other variable factors.

Can you power wash my gutter?
Over time, your gutters will fill with leaves, twigs, blown trash, tiny stones from shingles, and dirt, which will impair proper function. Water will not be diverted from your home, which can cause roof, soffit and fascia damage, mold, leaks, splashing, and other damage.

Is power washing safe for plants and pets?
Yes. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions which will not harm plants, animals or people. At times, plants may be over watered, but we do everything in our power to avoid that situation.

Can you power wash composite woods?
Yes! We use a special nozzle with less pressure. This requires a highly experienced technician and the right cleaning solution.

What are those black streaks on my roof?
Black marks are roofs are typically algae. They usually appear first on the Northern slopes of your roof, where moisture is more apt to accumulate. Pristine Mobile Wash technicians use a soft soap conditioner wash, which loosens the algae without damage to shingles.

I received a coupon from one of your competitors, offering very low prices, are your prices higher?
Our pricing is very competitive. Companies that offer extremely low prices usually cut costs by using cold water, cleaning solutions that are not industry approved, or may not provide insured services.

Is an onsite water source needed?
An onsite water source is not necessary, but it does save money. We can provide water for a nominal fee.

Can't I just do all of this myself? I'm a pretty handy DIYer.
The safest, most effective and economical way to have your home or commercial property cleaned with a power washer is to hire a pro. Our professionals have the knowledge, training, equipment, and experience to get the job done.

Professional level pressure washing equipment has a much higher-pressure output. Like most power tools, if not used correctly, it can cause property damage and bodily injury. Pristine Mobile Wash uses top of the line equipment, and cleaning solutions, and we are trained in the proper techniques to get your home or business clean, without physical damage or moisture breaches. Hiring a pro will most certainly save you time and money in the long run, and give you better results. 



Commercial or residential, we guarantee a spotless exterior.