Cars are regularly discharging oil, heavy metal particulates (brake dust), and other fluids that can be absorbed by concrete. Fortunately, outside parking lots have the benefit of being exposed to the elements, but enclosed parking garages do not –  contaminants sit on the ground, create unsightly stains, and slowly deteriorating the structure. Routine pressure washing can help make a cleaner garage and eliminate the need for future repairs.

With cutting-edge equipment specifically designed for parking garage cleanup, we are able to abide by environmental standards and prevent pollutants from entering the water system. Our hot water systems and ride-on reclaim scrubbers can tackle even the dirtiest of parking garages. The result is an outstanding, professional look!

Show your pride and create a good first impression with a parking lot wash by Pristine Mobile Wash.

Keeping your walkways and parking lots clean does a lot more than just maintain your property. It says you care about your customers! It protects your "brand", and it builds your image. Show your pride and create a good first impression with a parking lot wash by Pristine Mobile Wash. We're happy to do the dirty work after hours so your customers are always welcomed like royalty... and you take all the credit!

What We Do

Pristine Mobile Wash specializes in cleaning building exteriors, store fronts, walkways, brickwork, metal and concrete surfaces. We even clean windows with ease. Pristine places the highest value on keeping our environment clean and healthy too. Many new high-rise parking garages don’t have the proper drainage systems, and chemicals runoff into our local waterways. This is unacceptable to Pristine, so we employ an effective, safe way to clean parking garages while reclaiming detergents. All our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, and we don't allow parking lot oil or salt go down the storm drains.


Commercial or residential, we guarantee a spotless exterior.