Pristine Mobile Wash is known as the pressure and soft washing experts, but did you know that we are also the premier West Michigan window cleaning service for commercial and residential?

It's recommended that your windows be washed at least twice yearly. It's also best practice to have your windows washed immediately following an exterior house or building wash.

Safety always comes first! That's why we invested so much into becoming one of the few companies in Michigan to be 90% ladder-less. Squeegees work wonders, but we also offer a state-of-the-art water fed pole option that provides multiple benefits while allowing our team to work ladder-free:

  • a guaranteed spot free rinse
  • the safest way for technicians to clean up to 4 stories
  • elimination of ladder damage risk to your surface

Pristine Mobile Wash specializes in residential and commercial window washing.

Thinking about your windows' interiors? We can help. 

Did you know that a rag or paper towel actually builds up a static charge that immediately attracts more dust and dirt, and may also leave streaks on windows? We use a squeegee and special buffing rags to eliminate static and reduce streaking. We clean the window tracks and screens too. Keeping your window tracks clean helps them work better and last longer while avoiding expensive replacement. Screens can hold dust, dirt and all sorts of unwanted grime. Our materials and techniques ensure you'll have a brighter view.

Construction Cleanup

There is no better way to finish a construction project than with clean windows. It's the icing on the cake! After months of sawdust, plaster, and debris clogging your view, we love being there to help you appreciate your accomplishments by providing the final touch and letting the sun back in to your new living space.


Commercial or residential, we guarantee a spotless exterior.