Washing Your Fleet!

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Pristine Mobile Wash is your go to truck fleet specialist in the fleet washing industry. We're equipped with the latest equipment. Our 2-step touchless truck washing process allows us to reach all the nooks and crannies – all while keeping your fleet looking its best without damaging the surface. Pristine Mobile Wash's touchless system is superior to hand washing or brushing. Those methods can damage the surface over time by creating tiny scratches and imperfections in the paint, stainless steel or aluminum. We hope this short read will help you decide what is best for your fleet.

Benefits of a High-Quality Fleet Cleaning Service

A professional fleet washing team will maintain the expensive equipment in top-notch condition. They will have the right detergents and gentle cleaning techniques to remove dirt, grime, buildup and stubborn stains without causing any damage. Elements like roadside salt are washed away, which extends the longevity of fleet vehicle parts. They will know the improved ways of washing with touchless soaps allowing it not to damage the surface. Over time using a brush or other abrasive tools will end up creating tiny scratches and imperfections in the paint, stainless steel or aluminum. 

Regular washing

Maintenance is more than just oil changes and tune-ups. A clean rig looks better and last longer. We realize that your rigs are substantial investments and keeping them clean is a crucial part of keeping them functioning. Our mobile units are quick and convenient. We use polish safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. If needed, we have reclamation systems that keep oil and fuel from washing into lakes, streams or drains.  Letting a professional company maintain your fleet regularly makes the maintenance of trucks easier. DIY cleaning or irregular use of professional services will enable dirt to accumulate. As the grime piles on top of the vehicle surfaces, getting rid of it becomes a much more challenging task. Low quality service providers will opt for caustic cleaners, which will potentially cause serious damage.

Maximize Your Transportation and Marketing Budget

It makes sense that the most marketing savvy companies strategically utilize their trucks as a fleet of highly visible, rolling billboards to promote their brand to the masses over the course of miles on the road. It positively engages the general public and potential customers. Pristine mobile wash will keep your fleet shiny and clean to showcase your brand at its finest. Professionally cleaned trucks look impeccable. A beautiful, clean truck will quickly increase the recognition of a particular brand.

Knowing Who To Hire

Fleet washing is an important process that maintains expensive commercial vehicles in good condition, increases their aesthetic appeal and boosts safety on the road. There’s one important fact to keep in mind, however – fleet cleaning services are not created equal. Here at PRISTINE MOBILE WASH we take pride in our work, ask about our one-time FREE DEMO so we can show you why hiring us is your best investment yet!



NOTE: Compared to buying equipment and doing it yourself, hiring a professional service to maintain your fleet will dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete the job. Our team is trained to tackle all jobs using the proper tools and techniques as well as the safety measures needed. We hope this post helps you make informed decisions going forward and understand the value of regularly washing your fleet.

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