Are you tasked with managing a commercial space? Keeping your commercial property neat and clean is an integral part of maintaining your facility, improving productivity, and attracting and retaining customers. If you need a thorough, reliable commercial cleaning company to keep things tidy, turn to Pristine Mobile Wash. We offer a variety of services designed to suit your commercial pressure and soft washing needs to keep your facility looking its best. 

Your building's exterior says a lot about your business. It's your first impression to new clients, so it's crucial to keep your building's facade clean and up to date. Michigan’s extreme seasonal weather can leave exteriors looking dirty and tired. With commercial pressure and soft washing from Pristine Mobile Wash, your location will be spotless.

Our dedicated team of power washing experts is trained to take a careful appraisal of the exterior areas of your building, and note any damage or spots that need special attention. From this information gathering, we carefully modulate the water pressure to produce optimal results with zero damage to your property and eliminate the risk of paint removal. After a single treatment, your shopping center will look brand new.

Benefits of Power Washing Shopping Centers and Strip Malls

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Deliver a newer, more appealing appearance
  • Provide a safe and sanitary method of cleaning

Our team has the know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to make your store-front immaculate.



Don't go another day with a dingy looking house. We all know the effects of Michigan seasonal dirt and grime on our home exteriors, windows, sidewalks, driveways, decks and patios. With our commercial quality mobile soft washing units and specialty attachments, stubborn dirt and grime will rinse away.

Whether you're trying to sell your house and want to maximize its curb-appeal, or you just want to refresh its appearance, a thorough soft washing session will do the trick. Pristine Mobile Wash is the premier residential soft washing choice. Live in a neighborhood? Ask about our GROUP RATES! 



The long-term goal of every association and community is to increase the beauty and value of the community while maintaining a reasonable budget. Learn why Pristine Mobile Wash is the best choice for you HOA.

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Commercial or residential, we guarantee a spotless exterior.